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We are T & Ku and we are from Brighton in the UK. We are passionate about travel and adventure and have been living out of backpacks since 2012. We housesit and backpack our way around the world and have carried out around 300 housesits to date. Our philosophy is 'Travel Light and Linger'. We haven't checked a bag for over ten years after we discovered the advantages of travelling light. We also prefer to linger in places we like and return to countries we love. Our connection to a destination is far more important to us than 'collecting countries'. Our favourite countries to date are the equally colourful and compelling India and Mexico, two countries we have returned to repeatedly. We also love the remote landscapes of the American South West and are passionate about hiking and camping. We provide inspiration, travel tips and in-depth destination guides based on our knowledge and experience from many years of exploring the planet.🌎
Ten More Inspirational Travel and Adventure Books

Ten More Inspirational Travel and Adventure Books

Ten more of our favourite inspirational travel and inpirational books!

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