A Return to Housesitting in Brighton

Housesitting and COVID-19

Our last housesitting gig ended on the 4th January 2020. From there we headed up to Norfolk to visit T’s parents for a few days. We then flew to New York City for the start of our trip which would also take in Mexico, Cuba and Colombia. COVID-19 was in its infancy. Like everyone else, we never dreamed of how far and wide it would spread and how it would consequently change the world as we knew it.

We were originally due to return to a housesit in Brighton in the UK in mid-April. Instead, we were whisked away to self-isolate and all of the housesits which we had lined up were cancelled. It is only now as England is cautiously starting to open up again, that we are housesitting for some good friends of ours.

The Coastal Bus from Eastbourne to Brighton

Cuckmere Estuary

Attired in masks (which are now mandatory on public transport in England), we took a coastal bus from Eastbourne to Brighton on a sunny Saturday morning. It’s a scenic journey, which we have done many times before. The road cuts through the fields of the South Downs and passes the Cuckmere Estuary which flows into the English Channel. From there, we continued through the towns of Seaford and Newhaven before hitting the coastal road at Peacehaven.

Seven Sisters Park
Cuckmere Inn
An East Sussex Country Road
Newhaven Harbour

The clifftop road which runs from Peacehaven to Brighton has lovely views of the sea, beaches and white chalk cliffs. It passes through Saltdean, known for its art deco lagoon and Rottingdean, a picturesque historical village.


Back in Brighton

Brighton Pier

We hopped off the bus at the pier – we were back in Brighton! Another short bus took us to our housesit which is situated at the top of one of Brighton’s steepest hills. Our friends, Grant and Kevin, had booked to go to Costa Rica but the trip had been cancelled due to COVID-19, so they were off to Cornwall in South West England instead. They kindly left us an impressive supply of snacks and drinks including wine, beer, ice cream, cheese and biscuits. With the added bonus of Netflix, we were set up for the week!

Treats Galore!

Betsy and Spencer


Our charges for a few days are cats, Betsy and Spencer We have looked after them before and they seemed to remember us. Betsy is the brave one, and Spencer is a little on the timid side. He has let us stroke him, so by the time we leave, we are sure we will be the best of friends again. It’s always interesting – some cats don’t seem to notice that their owners have left and accept us immediately and others take a few days to adjust. Spencer and Betsy definitely fall into the latter category.


It’s good to be back in the housesitting game and get things rolling again. It’s going to take time for things to get back to how they were, but we’ll take one step at a time….

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  1. I guess it’s different when it’s a repeat sit, especially for friends. Have you done any post lockdown sits for people you have never met yet? Just wondering how it would be to be in a ‘strangers’ home….

    • Hi, we have mostly repeat housesits lined up at the moment – the next one is at the end of August. As you said, it would be potentially be more complicated to housesit for a stranger right now. However, I know that the housesitting websites are recommending certain safety guidelines for both homeowners and housesitters.

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