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How to Stay Inspired when you can’t Travel

It’s been a tough year for travellers and the transformation to ‘the new normal’ isn’t going to happen in a hurry. Although many keen vagabonders will be focusing on domestic jaunts this year, lots of us will still be dreaming about adventures in far-flung lands.

We don’t have too many problems when it comes to maintaining our motivation for travel. However, an injection of inspiration doesn’t hurt every now and again. There are an abundance of ways we keep the travel flame stoked in these unprecedented times. Here, we’d like to share some of them.

Re-Visit Past Trips

Looking at old photographs and reading journals from past trips

It’s always good to remind yourself of past adventures. Not only does it motivate you for future travels, but it can be quite fulfilling to remind yourself of all the great trips you have taken in the past. We love to read through our old journals and it’s surprising how much we wouldn’t have remembered had it not been for recording our adventures.

Memories of New Zealand

Binge on Travel Movies

Watch travel & adventure movies and documentaries

We have watched a wealth of travel-orientated films and documentaries recently. From ‘Into the Wild’ (for the tenth time!) to a TV series about epic trails around the world, we have found it a great way to keep the travel juices flowing. We have already added about ten new hiking trails to the list which we hadn’t been aware of before!

Discover New Travel Blogs

Check out travel blogs for an endless source of inspiration

There are so many excellent travel blogs out there, that it would be amiss not to delve into the best of them. Whether you are into road trips, luxury travel or hardcore adventuring, there is something for everyone. It’s so inspiring to read about people who are out there in the world doing things that we aspire to be doing. In our case we are particularly inspired by van-lifers as one of our dreams is to own a camper van one day!

Dreams of a Camper Van to Explore the World in

Lose yourself in a Great Book

Transport yourself to the African deserts or the Himalayan Mountains

There’s nothing like being totally absorbed by a good book. We devour travel literature and many of our adventures have been sparked by books. Alastair Humphreys, Jonny Bealby, Sam Manicom, Laurie Gough and Elspeth Beard are just a few of our favourite authors. Books can transport you to another world and provide a form of escapism which has been much needed recently.

Explore the World Virtually

Take your pick of virtual experiences around the planet

Virtual travel has really taken off since COVD-19 emerged. You can virtually visit practically anywhere in the world, whether its national parks or museums. It’s possible to go on safari, thrill in a white-water river experience or ride a roller coaster. Ok, it’s not quite the same as being there in person, but it can be fun, fascinating and inspiring at a time when our own travels are limited.

Explore Ancient Ruins Virtually

Discover your Own Backyard

Enjoy getting to know the country you live in

Of course, we may not be able to venture abroad right now, but many of us haven’t explored very much of our own backyards. The current situation could be an opportunity to see more of our native land than we ever have before.  Although we have travelled all over the world, embarrassingly neither of us have ever been north of Blackpool in the UK!

We have been in lockdown in Eastbourne on the south coast of England since March. Already, we have a coastal walk of Norfolk planned for later in the summer and who knows where else we may venture to?

Discovering England – Staying in a Shepherd’s Hut in Devon

We are T & Ku and we are from Brighton in the UK. We are passionate about travel and adventure and have been living out of backpacks since 2012. We housesit and backpack our way around the world and have carried out around 300 housesits to date. Our philosophy is 'Travel Light and Linger'. We haven't checked a bag for over ten years after we discovered the advantages of travelling light. We also prefer to linger in places we like and return to countries we love. Our connection to a destination is far more important to us than 'collecting countries'. Our favourite countries to date are the equally colourful and compelling India and Mexico, two countries we have returned to repeatedly. We also love the remote landscapes of the American South West and are passionate about hiking and camping. We provide inspiration, travel tips and in-depth destination guides based on our knowledge and experience from many years of exploring the planet.🌎

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  • Some great tips there, thank you.
    I can't wait to explore your author recommendations! I am always on the lookout for a good travel book!

  • These are all very good ideas. We are finding RV travel is possible in the states, albeit many places remain closed. I will look into your book recommendations. - Thanks

    • Thanks so much for your comments. RV Travel sounds fantastic right now. Hope you enjoy the books. Safe travels.

  • Great tips, thank you! Love hiking (some would call our low-intensity hikes more of a stroll!) - whether it's exploring a new city, or a forest, we do it on foot. Since the mid-March shut down, we've been finding conservation land with new hikes and trails within a 20 minute drive. Still finding new trails in our little town! Just keep looking - there's beauty all around.

  • Norfolk is gorgeous. I think all, but especially your tip of getting local, going slower is a great one. Enjoy!

  • This is a wonderful blog to remind us of all that is still possible. I am honored that you chose to read my blog as well; I will follow you with interest.

    • Hi, thank you for your kind words. Your blog is beautifully written and very informative. Look forward to following your future travels! Take care.

  • Keen to hear how that Norfolk Coastal walk goes. I hope to engage in a sabbatical post covid and a walk like that would be brilliant. Thanks for the blog.

    • Thanks so much. We will probably blog about the Coastal walk so will let you know. Happy walking.

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