Making the Most of Eastbourne under Lockdown

Back in the UK!

When we had to cut short our travels in Colombia and return to the UK due to Coronavirus, we found ourselves in a difficult situation. As we housesit full-time, we don’t have a home of our own. For the last eight years this has worked out pretty well. We house-sit in Brighton on England’s south coast in between travels, moving around constantly. Our housesits vary in length from a couple of days to six weeks. Every now and again, we have a gap in housesits. In this situation and if we aren’t travelling, we either stay with Ku’s mum in Eastbourne or visit T’s parents in Norfolk. Occasionally we book a night in a hotel or take a city break in Europe somewhere.

Boat on the beach at Langney Point
Beachside path for walking, jogging and cycling

Adjusting to life in Eastbourne

When we returned home from Bogota on 23nd March, all of our upcoming housesits had been cancelled. The following day, lockdown became official. We headed to Ku’s mum’s home in Eastbourne and have been here ever since. Just a stone’s throw from the beach, we are lucky to be able to enjoy walks along the seafront and also have a garden to relax in. We are missing the pets that we would normally be caring for and have tried to befriend random cats who come into the garden. Alas – the cats of Eastbourne don’t seem to be very friendly so far!

Eastbourne Pier

Coastal flowers

Hiking on the South Downs

We have also done a few hikes on the South Downs, where we spent our walking hours planning our next adventures. Our next major project is to hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. We walked amongst the newly born lambs in the fields and took in the views over Eastbourne. It’s a beautiful spot and one of the only places nearby where you don’t have to worry about social distancing as there’s so much space.

Ku on the trail
The rolling hills of the South Downs
Zombies Rock!

Lamb and Mother on the South Downs
Cute lambs galore!

Planning Future Travels

The weather has been unbelievably warm and sunny since we returned. We’ve been taking breakfast in the garden and having a barbeque every week. It’s the first time in over eight years that we have stayed in the same place for longer than a few weeks. It’s been a chance to slow down, take stock, re-launch our blog and plan future travels. We have stayed in touch with friends and family on Zoom and Skype. We’ve listened to lots of music and watched ‘Epic Trails’ and other travel adventure documentaries to keep us inspired.

VW Camper Van on Eastbourne Beach

Eastbourne Beach

A shout-out is due to Ku’s mum and brother, Dave, both who been incredibly supportive during what has been a tricky time for a couple of homeless nomads! At the moment, we’re taking one day at a time. As with many people, we are unsure of what the future holds, but we will never stop planning, researching and dreaming about our next adventure.

Princes Park looking totally tropical
A tribute to NHS workers in pebbles, Langney Point Seafront
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  1. Thanks for the follow! I always enjoy travel blogs.

  2. Wow, I’ve never known anyone who sat houses for a living. Must be pretty cool, I’ve wanted to do it too! The beaches looks GORGEOUS.

  3. Eastbourne looks quite nice and it is a real plus to have some places to walk during lockdown. My husband and I live in the country in Canada and having space to walk and trails to follow has been a real help to our mental states.

  4. Great to meet you guys! Lockdown is certainly a challenge for many, but I don’t find it so as I have too much to do!
    Many thanks for stopping by my travel and photography blog.

  5. Thanks so much for your kind comments

  6. Luckily you have such an awesome place to hunker down! Housesitting sounds so fun though, what a great way to travel and stretch your funds. 🙂

  7. Wow, that’s so cool that you house sit to travel! Such an awesome way to explore new places and have a house to go to at night. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

  8. Housesitting is what I want to start doing! Your pictures are beautiful – I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs and to hear about the Pacific Crest walk! Cheers!

  9. Great blog! I usually travel solo, so I probably wouldn’t venture to a place like Bogota, but it looks like a place I’d want to go. Too bad this virus has curbed our travels…be safe!

  10. Any word on when hotels will reopen in England ? A hotel in the Lake District cancelled my reservation for early July.

  11. You are a couple of brave souls to take on the Pacific Crest Trail. I look forward to hearing about that future experience. Best Wishes.

  12. How fortunate you’ve been to have the beauty of Eastbourne at your fingertips while under lockdown! Love the vistas and trails you’ve shared from your quarantine walks.

  13. Lockdown near a beach would be a blessing. In our small city, not so much. With things opening, up, we were lucky to be in the mountains last week. What a breath of fresh air.

  14. I went a couple of weeks ago and loved it. So good to be by the sea again!

  15. Loved your post and especially the pictures of Eastbourne under lockdown. I am amazed and filled with wonder about how you house sit and see the world! Absolutely marvellous. How come I never thought of something so brilliant!

  16. Thanks for following my blog and good luck in your travels.

  17. Cool! Cute lamb 🙂

  18. I read this with lots of interest since your situation mirrors our own exactly. This is a tough time to be nomadic. Really glad you found somewhere to stay, and in a lovely part of the country as well. Walking on the south downs in all that beautiful weather – makes my heart sing just to think of it. Keep dreaming and planning. Think they are due to stop the 2 week quarantine period on July 6th… hopefully you will be able to move a bit more freely soon.

    • Hi! Thank you for taking time to comment. Yes – it’s an unusual position to be in! Certainly, being able to escape into nature has helped. We hope all is well with you and everything works out for you too. We will never stop dreaming and planning! Take care.

  19. Really. Glad you loved it. Being by the sea is always good.

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