Chilling out on Isla Mujeres

A Food Lover’s Paradise

We had arrived on the island of Isla Mujeres from Cuba. In all honesty, our priority was to find some good food. Havana wasn’t exactly food heaven and we were hungry! Actually, there was no shortage of restaurants and bars on Isla Mujeres. Furthermore, the area near the ferry terminal was brimming with eateries of all kinds, not to mention several scattered throughout the island. It wasn’t long before we were tucking into pizza.

Street Art Isla Mujeres Style

Our Island Abode

A twenty-minute ferry ride from Cancun, the island of Isla Mujeres is known for its white sand beaches and tropical vibe. Six miles long and one mile wide, we were staying about half way down the island at an Airbnb apartment, Casa Chen-Huaye. It was owned by a friendly couple who gave us a warm welcome on arrival. The garden was home to a blind dog and a cute puppy, to say nothing of two fair-sized iguanas! In fact, one of the iguanas gave T quite a scare when it swiftly appeared from amongst the foliage one day.

Handily, the apartment was just around the corner from a Soriana, one of the major supermarket chains in Mexico. As a matter of fact, the apartment was in an excellent position, as we could walk to both ends of the island easily.

Our AirBnB, Casa Chen-Huaye on Isla Mujeres

Ku on one of the less populated beaches

A Mayan Ruin at the End of the Island

On our second day, we walked to the south of the island. The rocky promontory, which was reminiscent of Land’s End in England, is the first place in Mexico to see the sun rise. Additionally, there was a Mayan ruin. Although the ancient ruin wasn’t very well preserved, the area was extremely scenic. We enjoyed walking on the trail around the headland, taking in the views of the Caribbean Sea.

A lighthouse on the rocky promontory, where the Mayan ruins can also be found

Golf Carts Galore!

Many people rented golf carts to get around the island. It looked great fun as they whizzed past us along the road as we trudged on. In all honesty, we would love to have rented one ourselves, but unfortunately our budget didn’t allow. As it was, we managed to get around the whole island by foot which was a lot cheaper! Additionally, it was a good work-out for us!

Beautiful Beaches

The most popular beach on the island is Playa Norte, a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal. The azure water is calm and shallow, but it gets pretty busy. Alternatively, we preferred the beaches further down the island. Although they weren’t swimming beaches, they were quiet and we loved watching the waves crashing against the rocks.

A beautiful carved Buddha in a craft shop

Where to Eat

Our top picks as far as food was concerned were Rooster for breakfast (and a decent coffee) and Coco Jaguar where we enjoyed delicious burritos. Additionally, we went to Mango Café Isla which is a breakfast hotspot and was located just along the road from our apartment.

A cocktail at Coco Jaguar
Tasty Chicken Quesadillas at Mango Cafe
Violinist with baby at Café Mango

Adios Mexico!

We thoroughly enjoyed our few days on the island. Sadly, Isla Mujeres was our last stop in Mexico, a country that we have grown very attached to. On the other hand, we were looking forward to heading to new pastures. We were off to Colombia the following day! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we return to this beautiful, colourful and compelling country.

Cool Street Art
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