Exploring Granada, Nicaragua

We had heard great things about Granada, but to be honest we were both a little disappointed. In retrospect, we think we had been spoilt by the numerous and stunning colonial cities that we had experienced in Mexico. Although Granada was pleasant enough, it didn’t live up to what we had seen elsewhere.

Colourful Buildings of Granada

La Calzada – Restaurant Row

The main drag of the city, La Calzada, was brimming with bars and restaurants and no different from every other tacky tourist street in the world. We did, however, enjoy eating at The Garden Café Additionally, Café de los Suenos was very good. Both had attractive décor, a welcoming atmosphere and served superb food.

Café de los Suenos and

Cafe de las Sonrisas

We also visited Café de las Sonrisas which is run by deaf staff – the menu had pictures on it and we simply pointed to our choices. There were sign language symbols on the wall and a resident bunny hopping around the courtyard. What is more, all the proceeds go directly to people with disabilities. It’s a worthy cause to support if you ever find yourself in Granada.

Café de las Sonrisas

Lakes, Lagoons and Volcanoes

We strolled through the backstreets seeking a more authentic perspective of Granada and visited the city cemetery, where there were a wealth of impressive statues and mausoleums. There are also some great places to visit near Granada including Apoyo Lagoon, Masaya Volcano and the islets of Lake Nicaragua. Plenty of shops line the streets offering tours to outlying areas.

The Cemetery

Granada’s Cathedral

Granada’s cathedral dominates the central park and is the most visited tourist attraction in the city. It’s a striking building and the acoustics are amazing. Several times we heard the ethereal sound of singing drifting out onto the plaza.

Granada Cathedral

Our Accommodation in Granada

We stayed at the 5-star Hotel Dario to start with as we managed to get an excellent deal. A couple of days later, we moved to Hotel Kekoldi, a cute little place with some quirky and artistic features. Whilst in Granada, we booked our Tica bus to San Jose in Costa Rica. We had wanted to visit Costa Rica for many years and were excited to finally be on our way to the land of sloth!

Hotel Kekoldi
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  1. Great article–the deaf cafe sounds interesting

  2. Thanks so much, Tom. Yes- a cool place to hang out.

  3. Great post, I appreciate honesty in describing places and not all over glorified descriptions.

  4. Even though it didn’t live up to your expectations, your colourful photos of Granada are beautiful.

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