Ruined in Tulum!

Ruins with a View

Above all, our main incentive in visiting Tulum was to see the famous Mayan ruins. As a matter of fact, these ancient ruins are pretty special – they are situated in the most picturesque location imaginable. Perched on some cliffs overlooking a beautiful beach and the azure Caribbean Sea, the Mayans who lived there knew what they were doing.

We rose early and were first in line to buy our tickets at 8.00 am. While we were waiting we saw a rather cute coati (a member of the racoon family) who wasn’t at all shy of the growing line of people.

A very tame Coati

The early morning light accentuated the scene and the main ruin (which is the one directly overlooking the ocean and is always seen in pictures) lived up to expectations. It is a stunning sight.

Tulum Ruins in the morning light

The Softest Sand in the World?

We walked along the beach and Ku took a dip. The surf was pretty strong and not really good for swimming. However, it was very refreshing! Additionally, the beach had the softest white sand we had ever experienced. Tulum’s beach didn’t have any high-rise buildings as far as the eye could see – unlike Cancun just along the coast.

Happy Hour in Tulum!

We stayed in the main strip in Tulum, which is about three kilometres from the beach. There were plenty of cafes and shops to check out and even a vegetarian restaurant. One day we found ourselves stranded in a bar when a storm broke out. Fortunately, it was Happy Hour and we eventually staggered back to our hotel when the rain stopped!

Viva Zapata – grab your tequila, mezcal and other gifts from here!
A couple of the fun shops in Tulum

After a few days in Tulum, it was time to head to Chetumal near the border, where we would arrange our transport to Guatemala. As usual, Mexico had been a blast and we were sorry to be leaving, but new adventures were waiting…..

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