Colourful Campeche

The Sunny South of Mexico

Following a 24-hour bus journey from Mexico City, we were pleased to arrive in sunny Campeche. In fact, we immediately headed to the malecon to take a stroll by the sea. Pelicans flew overhead dipping into the Gulf of Mexico periodically for a snack. Our hotel was Mision Campeche and very nice.

The Malecon

The Pretty Streets of Campeche

After Mexico City’s dull and damp weather, the sunshine and blue skies were a welcoming treat. Campeche has a pretty plaza, not to mention the majority of the buildings in the historical centre which are attractively painted in pastel colours. Although, there aren’t heaps of things to do in Campeche, it’s fun to explore the streets and take in the colourful architecture. Furthermore, there are a variety of interesting statues scattered throughout the city.

The cathedral in the plaza

Buildings of Campeche

Delicious Dishes

Campeche has an abundance of good restaurants, bars and cafes, many of them situated on Calle 59. When we arrived in town, we ate at Lux de Luna. We were treated to the best burritos of the trip, not to mention the tasty complimentary green and red tortilla chips. The restaurant was colourfully decorated and had seating in the street. Consequently, it was a perfect place to watch the world go by. Additionally, we had breakfast at Marganzo, a traditional restaurant with a regional menu and lots of atmosphere.

A breakfast of Huevos Divorciados for T at Marganzo’s
Ku’s Breakfast at Marganzo’s
The tortilla chips at Lux de Luna were nearly as colourful as the buildings in Campeche!

Pirates and Mayans

The city is fortified by a two-mile long wall which was built as protection against marauding pirates several centuries ago. As a matter of fact, it is possible to access the top of the walls and walk along them. Furthermore, there’s a view of the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the city on the other.

The Museum of Mayan Architecture can be found within one of the baluartes of the wall. Although it’s small, it’s well-presented and there’s lots of information on the ruins of Uxmal and others in the area.

The Museum of Mayan Architecture
Campeche has a scattering of sculptures situated throughout the city
Pirate Prison!
Vibrant Mayan Street Art

We were only in Campeche for a couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. It was the perfect antidote to the big city and the buildings looked stunning under the Mexican sun. Next stop – Merida!

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  1. Another one on my list. Beautiful photos, love the colours!

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