Housesitting in U.K.

A Quick Jaunt to Norfolk

We arrived back in the U.K. in March and spent the first month with Ku’s Mum in Sussex and T’s parents in Norfolk. While staying in Norfolk, we went to an antiques fair at Newmarket, played carpet bowls at the village hall (a new experience for both of us!) and enjoyed some great food at The Fur and Feather in Woodbaswick and The Hour Glass in Sculthorpe (now the Aviator). Housesitting was on hold for a while!

Norfolk Sunset

A Wicked Birthday in London

The first couple of months that we were back it was extremely cold and rained constantly, not the most encouraging homecomings! However, summer did arrive eventually and was worth waiting for – one of the hottest in the U.K. for many years.

We had a couple of days in London for T’s Birthday. The Easy Hotel in Victoria was a bargain at £40.00 per night. We braved the constant heavy downpours to see a Marilyn Monroe Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, have a celebratory birthday lunch and see Wicked, which was excellent.

Housitting in Brighton

Then it was back to Brighton housesitting, dog walking, cat visiting and cleaning. It has been a crazy summer, full of uncertainty and decision making, but we have also met a lot of nice people and their pets.

Our first U.K. housesit was a return visit to our favourite little pooch double act – Snoop and Biscuit. They are such cute dogs and it was great to see them again.

Snoop and Biscuit

Cats and Dogs of Hove

Next, we moved to Hove and became the guardians of three black cats. The house was a large and comfortable and we enjoyed the company of the trio. We also watched the entire first season of Homeland on DVD on the big TV screen!

Following the cats, we were back in Hove a just few days later to look after Sumi, the lovely dog of our friend Simon. Sumi is a great dog to care for and we went out twice a day to the beach, where she chased tennis balls with great enthusiasm.

A Floating Cabin at Brighton Marina

From there we headed to Brighton Marina for a stay on a floating cabin, where we took charge of a friendly pointer. The cabin was tiny, but had a west facing balcony overlooking the marina. One night it was particularly gusty and we could feel the cabin moving about – we thought we were going to wake up in the middle of the English Channel! It was an interesting housesit and we enjoyed being part of the sailing fraternity for a week!

Brighton Marina

Back-to-Back Housesits

Sparky is a lovely cat who we looked after for a week and was exceptionally skilled at running after a small ball and returning it for another throw.

Back in our old neighbourhood of Kemp Town, we took charge of two Tibetan Terriers, Marley and Cassie, another cute double act. Marley is blind, so we had to take extra care that he didn’t bump into lamp posts or fall down kerbs.

Next, we housesat for our friend Claire, who has two Labradors and a jack russell – Poppy, Boycey and Tootsie. They were fantastic dogs to look after and so well behaved.

T with Doris in Hove

Simon Reeve at Australia House

T won tickets for two to go to Australia House for a talk by Simon Reeve. Simon does some great travel shows for the BBC, which we really enjoy. Unfortunately, the night in question clashed with a double housesit. T was looking after Macchia (the dog that couldn’t be left alone) at the marina and Ku was in town with the Tibetan terriers. Consequently, we couldn’t possibly go together and T went with our friend Anton. T and Anton met Simon, enjoyed champagne and canapés and listened to him chatting about his adventures down under.

T, Simon and Anton

Since then, we have looked after Tula and Tomasa, two lovely black cats who we have become very fond of, Piper the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Benji and Cassie, brother and sister cats, and the Sparky II, a friendly ginger tom.

T with Sparky II in Saltdean

We have also decided to head off on another adventure. In two-weeks-time we leave for South East Asia and then to New Zealand, returning in May next year. We have a busy couple of weeks of work and farewell get-togethers and coming up. First stop – Vietnam!

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