The Mummies of Guanajuato!

A Room with a View

We spent the last few days in what must be the prettiest city in the world – Guanajuato. Set in a valley, the UNESCO world heritage site is crammed with brightly painted houses, colonial buildings, plazas, basilicas and steep winding lanes. Our hotel Balcon De Ci is in a fantastic position on the hillside, next to the funicular overlooking the city. The views are amazing.

Our guest house is the last building to the right and the views were amazing!

Mango Margaritas!

Unfortunately, Ku has been unwell since our last day in Mexico City, but this has been a perfect place to recuperate, sitting in the plaza people-watching, taking it easy and sipping on water. Meanwhile, T has been sampling the mango margaritas!

T sampling the mango margaritas!

Museo y Casa de Diego Rivera

We visited Museo y Casa de Diego Rivera, which was Diego’s childhood home. It has now been developed into a gallery as well, and various exhibitions are held there. It’s an interesting building to browse around and offers yet another perspective of the artist.

Museo y Casa de Riviera Diego

Museum of Mummies

The most bizarre aspect of the city is the Museo De Las Mumias – the Museum of Mummies! Apparently, visitors come from all over the country to see the remains of the 100+ mummies, including the smallest one in the world. It is a weird place, and somewhat disconcerting. Many of the mummies have still have clothes or boots on. An alarming number have contorted expressions on their faces and cause of death is evident in their posture – one was buried alive, another drowned and one obviously stabbed. We never knew what gruesome sight we would be faced with around the next corner! Not for the feint-hearted! 

Mummies of Guanajauto

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